NEWAL is a Turkish brand which is a leading provider of home appliances in the consumer products industry. Product range around 400 different appliances. Our product development centre in Turkey provides us with world class innovative products with our engineering and R&D centre. Enabling are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship. Our organization has been serving the home appliances and cookware industry since 2002 and each of our products hold its own successful sales records.

NEWAL core strategy is underpinned by the design and development of the world's best home appliances and effectively marketing these globally. Our goal is to consistently provide innovative and good quality products at very competitive prices. NEWAL designed products are sold in over 40 countries which is testament to our ability to deliver products with genuine innovation and consumer appeal. Premium Europe Quality is applied everywhere to ensure that NEWAL appliances have particularly long lives and operate reliably. The modern systems have made it possible for us to halve energy consumption of every appliance over the last few years. Wherever possible. We use recyclable materials and actively ensure proper disposal.

A new feature that yields an effective benefit for our customers is an advance that helps us too. We constantly strive to make our appliances more practical and efficient, greener and easier to install. The safety of our customers is a key issue at NEWAL. When developing our NEWAL appliances, we apply state-of-the-art technology in order to exclude potential risks from the outset. Moreover, promoting good health, avoiding accidents and providing safe workplaces are an essential part of NEWAL's safety management program. Independent technical offices inspect all safety features to intertional standards before a product is rolled out. Every NEWAL appliance also has to pass a strict safety test before shipment.

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